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Transparent and structured process to identify and connect early stage businesses with subject matter experts and qualified investors.

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What founders have to say about the clinics

That was some serious firepower you rolled out today. Smart enough to recognise how unique we are, but also to ask some great questions. Really impressive network you’re leveraging there and I’d recommend any other companies to talk to Kapil and Emerture.
President & Chief Strategy Officer



“That was a fantastic session. I learnt so much in half an hour. Your panel and yourself are true experts. I have done many pitches. This was one of the sessions I enjoyed the most! Intense pitch yet very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Congrats!”

Founder and CEO, Check an Invoice

“Many thanks for having us on the Clinic, a really insightful process.”

Founder and CEO, Worldr

“The diagnostic report was helpful and insightful.”

CEO, Greenscreen

“I can attest to how great these founder clinics are!! We had an excellent experience. Highly recommend this for any founders looking for feedback on their pitches.”

CEO, Legal Connection

“Great experience, thanks for getting Yuno involved. Hopefully some great things to come next.”

Founder and CEO, Yuno

“Fab clinic today. Emerture is doing a wonderful job for the entire ecosystem. Keep it going!! ”

Partner, Green Shores Capital & Chairman, Paperclip

“It was great to pitch in front of the industry experts and answering some interesting questions about ApTap’s value proposition, market opportunity and future plans! Looking forward to taking this further Thank you to the panel!”

Founder and CEO, Aptap

“Thanks, it was a good session and the insights from the panel were very useful. ”

Co-Founder and CEO, Predictive Black

“Thanks for having us Emerture, and thanks to the panel for their time and insightful comments and questions.”

Founder and CEO, Handset Expert

“Thank you so much for allowing us to pitch, and please convey thanks from us to the panel. Very useful to get comments about the deck, and always great to field questions that challenge us. ”

Co-Founder, Twyn

“Thanks so much Emerture for your time and organisational efforts today. This was the best investor clinic we have attended; great questions, we felt we were really listened to, and both Sophie and I are energised by your responses and input; thanks again!”

CEO and Co-Founder, Joyn Social Media