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Emerture optimises the fundraising process for early stage businesses with expert and investor led pre-vetting and bespoke matchmaking with qualified investors.

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Expert Venture Funding Catalysts

We are an expert led network of serial entrepreneurs and investors optimising the fundraising process for early stage businesses.

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Bridging the gap

Bridging the funding gap for early stage businesses by providing a powerful combination of investee profiling, expert led pre-vetting and curated investor matchmaking resulting in an efficient  and transparent process for both investors and investees.

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Structured and proven processes

  • Investability assessment
  • Investor and expert led pre-vetting and critical evaluation
  • Qualified Investor-Investee matchmaking
  • Curated meetings between investees and qualified investors
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What we do

We provide a comprehensive expert led process for pre-vetting early stage businesses raising investment, resulting in better outcomes for both the investors and the companies and significantly reducing the time to investment.

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Why we do it

Founded in 2019, Emerture was established to bring greater efficiency and transparency to the investment market for founders, angel investors and micro VCs. Emerture brings the market knowledge, experience and strategy to overcome these historic deficiencies.

How we do it

Emerture has a detailed operational process that builds a database of pre-qualified businesses and active investors with profiles that results in curated meetings and enhanced opportunity to raise investment.

Investee Pre-Qualification

We pre-qualify businesses on a set of pre-defined parameters to gauge the investability of the business. Approved businesses will then be invited to present their investment opportunity at an Investor Diagnostic Clinic.

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Succelerator Process

A 3-step expert led rigorous process resulting in curated matchmaking of early stage businesses with qualified investors increasing the chance of securing investment.

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Investor Diagnostic Clinics

Following the pre-qualification of the investment opportunity, ventures present their investment proposals to a panel of experts and investors who then provide a comprehensive investability assessment captured via a diagnostic report.

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Experts profile

  • Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Tech Entrepreneurs with a track record of multiple business exits and having in-depth knowledge and experience of the venture capital/venture building space.
  • Qualified Business angels and HNWIs
  • Stakeholders in core finance, venture capital and due diligence


What founders have to say about the clinics

“The Emerture process enabled Artists Ahead to sharpen its pitch and facilitated our recent successful fundraise. We quickly raised the required amount from a small number of highly experienced angel investors.”


Artists Ahead

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